Brady Won Over Belichick


It’s over Tom Brady already the GOAT has succeeded on who was more important. What we have learned about the NFL that it’s a quarterback-driven league. The quarterback will get you championships. We saw that with Brady for 20 years in New England. Now, he has the chance to appear in his tenth Super Bowl with a win over the Packers Sunday in the NFC Championship. There was a shortened season, zero OTA’s, no training camp, he moved his family, and a new playbook. He is appearing in his 14th Conference Championship Game on Sunday. The debate is over Brady won.

Brady Just Keeps Getting Better

Tom Brady is headed to his 14 Conference Championship Game Sunday against the Packers

It was only fitting he beat Belichick in the Superdome where he won his first Super Bowl against the Rams. What Brady accomplished Sunday against the Saints is remarkable. Thirdly, Tom Brady can be himself around the team and have fun. However, on the Patriots he didn’t have a say on the plays or anything. It was all about Bill Belichick and his ego. However, when you play at the most important position and won six Super Bowls you have a right to say what you’d like to do. Finally, he is able to do that with Bruce Arians and the Bucs.

Nobody Should Question Who Was More Important Tom Was

Belichick thought he could plug anyone at quarterback and it would be great. The Patriots were arrogant and didn’t think they needed Brady to win. Boy were they wrong. Belichick had the same offseason as Brady and just as long. However, they waited till the last minute to bring in Cam Newton, had a disappointing season, have zero talent on offense, and got nowhere. The Bucs offense Sunday consisted of Scotty Miller, Tom Brady, Leonard Fournette, and Tyler Johnson that’s it. Antonio Brown wasn’t a factor, Chris Godwin or even Gronkowski. Brady found the guys that were open and reliable to catch the ball.

It’s A Quarterback League In The NFL

In the end, Belichick was sick of Tom and Tom was sick of Belichick. First, they both wanted a change. Secondly, Belichick thought he could win without Brady. Thirdly, Brady thought he could win without Belichick. All he had to do was beat the Saints in New Orleans. Finally, Tom the GOAT won on who was more important him or Belichick. In conclusion, maybe someday the Patriots will be good again. However, they won’t until they find another franchise quarterback.

Bill Belichick will be the greatest coach of all time. However, like with all teams that have success there needs to be a restart. Brady had a lot left in the tank but both were ready to go in separate directions. The more laid-back Bruce Arians Bucs are headed to the NFC Championship, while mean Bill Belichick is home.