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Boxing orangutans and a dog-drowning dungeon: Shocking photos show animal cruelty around the world

Orangutans compelled to field or put on mini skirts, a dog-drowning dungeon and a performing bear are on show in surprising photos highlighting animal cruelty around the world.

In one picture, a forlorn orangutan in boxing gloves and shorts sits huddled at the facet of a boxing ring at a Thai safari.

Another photograph taken at the Safari World web site close to Bangkok exhibits three orangutans in bikini tops, mini skirts and summer season attire compelled to carry out a show for vacationers. 

Even extra sinister is a filthy dog-drowning dungeon in Cambodia, the place a monkey could be seen sitting above the dirty waters of the ‘drowning pit’ as three canines sit squashed into a cage close by.   

The canines are killed for the canine meat commerce, with one other surprising picture exhibiting decapitated heads and dismembered paws in a bloody bucket.

THAILAND: A forlorn orangutan in boxing gloves and shorts sits huddled at the facet of a boxing ring at a safari exterior Bangkok

THAILAND: Three orangutans in bikini tops, mini skirts and summer season attire are compelled to carry out a show for vacationers at Safari World

CAMBODIA: A grimy dog-drowning dungeon in Cambodia, the place a monkey could be seen sitting above the dirty waters of the ‘drowning pit’ as three canines sit squashed into a cage close by

CAMBODIA: Decapitated heads and dismembered paws of canines in a bloody bucket. The animals have been killed for the canine meat commerce

The photos are simply a few of the heartbreaking pictures collected in a new ebook by British photographer Aaron Gekoski.

Animosity: Human-Animal Conflict in the 21st Century is the product of 13-years’ value of travels by the environmental photojournalist who has captured pictures from all around the world, from Mozambique’s shark fishing trade, to snake hunters in the U.S. 

Gekoski described the pictures in the ebook as being ‘from the frontline of conservation,’ saying skilled as a wildlife ranger in Borneo, labored undercover to show Namibia’s annual seal cull and investigated the new craze for unique pets whereas placing the ebook collectively.

INDONESIA: A solar bear performs at a travelling dolphin show in Bogor. The bear was given incentives and fed treats all through, for some animals utilized in exhibits, this can be the solely time they eat

INDONESIA: A python with its mouth taped shut is used as a prop for selfies with vacationers in Bali

INDONESIA: A moist market with civets, bats, monkeys, cats, puppies, birds, reptiles and extra crammed into small cages in Jatinegara

‘These tales present a snapshot of human-animal battle in immediately’s ever-changing world the place advanced and multifaceted points usually result in extra questions than solutions.

‘Would you fin a shark to help your loved ones? Is killing and consuming canines any worse than chickens? Why does one animal make a appropriate pet and not one other?

‘I have a look at these pictures as modern-day fossils – a everlasting reminder of a planet in flux and a report of what might quickly be lost endlessly,’ he stated.

Several pictures show circus animals in Asia and Europe, together with an elephant performing in Germany and a group of lions caged in a lorry in the Czech Republic.

Another exhibits a solar bear compelled to carry out at a travelling dolphin show in Indonesia. The bear acquired incentives and treats all through the show. For some animals in such exhibits, this can be the solely time they eat.

USA: Snake hunter Dusty Crum catching a Burmese python in the Florida Everglades. The snakes have been thought to have been launched by unique pet homeowners once they grew too huge. Their rising quantity is inflicting ecological harm and threatens to eradicate small mammal species

GERMANY: An elephant greets the crowd at a Elefantanhof-Platschow, Germany, a well-liked vacationer attraction the place guests can journey elephants and watch them carry out in circus exhibits

CZECH REPUBLIC: Circus lions are stored in small, soiled cages for transport all around the nation

VIETNAM: Macaques on bicycles carry out in a show at the Dam Sen Amusement Park in Vietnam

Another exhibits a vendor subsequent to a desk filled with baboon and hornbill heads at a voodoo market in Benin. The younger man tending the stall is holding the cranium of a canine, which is painted to seem like a leopard.    

In one other, a python could be seen with its mouth taped shut in Bali, Indonesia, the place vacationers queue to take a selfie with the harmful snake. 

A startling picture from Cambodia sees a bracelet constituted of a canine’s penis – believed to be a good luck appeal – cradled in a man’s palms. 

Gekoski sees his position as a photojournalist as being ‘to doc and broadcast the fact,’ including that revealing a few of these hard-hitting truths by means of his work has led to optimistic change. 

Some individuals instructed Gekoski they’d determined to surrender consuming palm oil merchandise or visiting zoos after seeing his work. 

‘Small victories add up and they preserve me motivated inside this very difficult career,’ he stated. 

CAMBODIA: This canine penis bracelet held in a man’s palms is taken into account a good luck appeal in Cambodia

BENIN: A voodoo market in Benin with the heads of baboons and hornbills seen on a desk. The vendor is holding the head of a canine painted to seem like a leopard

MOZAMBIQUE: A bull shark caught by fishermen is dragged alongside the sand in Mozambique. The shark’s fins can be eliminated and bought whereas the meat can be consumed by the area people

‘Animosity was created for the public, conservationists, authorities officers, scientists, photographers and anybody with an curiosity in the pure world.’ 

‘We’re amid a sixth mass extinction occasion – a self-inflicted environmental disaster. Globally, animals are being traded, hunted, poached, consumed, and exploited to the level of extinction.

‘I hope this ebook performs a small position in educating others on a few of the best threats going through wildlife. We all have a position to play in making the world a higher place for animals, whether or not it’s consuming much less meat, boycotting merciless wildlife tourism sights, or not holding unique animals as pets.

‘Animals are clever and sentient beings. They are loving and loyal, grieve the lack of family members, really feel ache and endure from melancholy.

‘They are usually not commodities for us to use, eat and take pleasure in.’

Animosity: Human-Animal Conflict in the twenty first Century by Aaron Gekoski is out there from G2 Publishing for RRP £30. 

SOUTH AFRICA: A girl promoting kittens to purchase meals in De Doorns. The girl, sporting yellow paint as sunscreen, has a cat who has simply given start

MADAGASCAR: A radiated tortoise on deforested land on the island the place forests are being cleared for the charcoal and rice industries and for cattle pasture

SOUTH AFRICA: A person holding two pet puppies in De Doorns. His yellow face paint acts as sunscreen

CAMBODIA: Animal rescuers from Four Paws save a canine from a canine meat dealer in Phnom Penh. It was then taken to a clinic and put up for adoption