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Boston Bruins vs New York Ragers East Division Playoff Race

Boston Bruins vs New York Ragers East Division Playoff Race

As we enter the final ten games of the regular season the Bruins still have some work to do. The oddsmakers might not think so but the New York Rangers are hot on their heels making a late charge up the standings. With 56 points and 7 games remaining the Rangers sit just 4 points behind the Bruins. This is the definition of a playoff race. The Rangers are 7-2-1 in their last 10 games. The Bruins who are 6-4-0 in their last 10 have dropped consecutive games following six straight wins. The Bruins have the advantage with two more games remaining along with their four-point lead. Let’s take a closer look at this playoff race and if the Rangers have a chance at overtaking the Bruins.

New York Rangers

As mentioned earlier the Rangers are 7-2-1 in their last 10 games. The good news is six of those seven wins have come against teams behind the Rangers. In the last ten games, three have been against the Islanders with the Rangers going 1-1-1. Some more good news for the Bruins is the Rangers have just one game remaining against a team below them in the standings. Their next seven games are one against Buffalo, two against Boston, two against Washington, and two against the Islanders. Against those four teams, the Rangers are 13-9-3. If you take out Buffalo that record drops to 8-8-2. The bad news for the Bruins is over the last two months the Rangers are an impressive 18-9-3.

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Boston Bruins

The Bruins once again are 6-4-0 in their last 10 games. Over the last two months, the Bruins are slightly off the Rangers pace going 15-9-4. Not a bad record but not at the level of the other Eastern teams. The good news for the Bruins fans is three of their recent wins came over teams ahead of them. The bad news is they have now dropped two winnable games in a row. Also, it appears their scoring issues could be returning.

In their nine remaining games, the Bruins play two games against Buffalo, New Jersey, and The Rangers. The Bruins also play just one game against the Penguins, Capitals, and Islanders. Against the teams with two games remaining the Bruins are 11-6-1 but just 10-7-4 against the teams with one game left. Overall that’s a record of 21-13-5. Finally, the Bruins magic number to clinch is 11 points. If the Bruins earn 11 more points even if the Rangers win out they still would fall short.

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Who Wins The Playoff Race

No surprise here but I’m going with the Bruins winning this playoff race. With the two games in hand plus four games remaining against Buffalo and New Jersey, that’s too much for the Rangers to overcome. The Bruins’ last two losses have added a lot of significance to the two remaining games against the Rangers. If the Bruins don’t get a point in those two games they need 11 of a possible 14 remaining points to clinch. Again that’s if the Rangers win out which is unlikely.

While the Rangers have handled the Sabres and Caps the Bruins and Islanders have been a different story. A 4-6-2 record will make sweeping those 4 games against The Bruins and Islanders a tall task. That’s it for this one, if you haven’t been able to keep up with all the Bruins career milestones this season here is an article covering some from before the season. Until next time stay safe out there and LET’S GO BRUINS!

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