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BiP’s Hannah Godwin, Dylan Barbour Eyeing 2023 Wedding Date: Details!

Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour

Almost there! After having to maneuver their wedding ceremony because of the coronavirus pandemic, Hannah Godwin revealed that she and Dylan Barbour have a brand new date that they’re wanting ahead to.

“[The date has been] pushed back a bit. We’ve been eyeing 2023 so we’ll see how it goes,” Godwin, 26, solely advised Us Weekly throughout NY Fashion Week on Saturday, September 11.

The couple, who met and bought engaged whereas filming season 6 of Bachelor in Paradise, have been centered on selecting a venue that matches their dream imaginative and prescient.

“We’ve been kind of working on that a little bit,” Godwin defined. “I think that, like, [the] vibe that we’ve been saying from the very beginning, we’re still thinking of anything that feels outdoor, European-ish, but I don’t know where that’s going to be. But that’s the vibe at least we’re aiming towards.”

Although Godwin and Barbour, 27, first linked on tv, the pair don’t have plans to broadcast their huge day.

“For our wedding, we’d just want it to be personal, like, as close-knit as we possibly can. We want to just keep it personal and small,” the season 23 Bachelor contestant confirmed to Us. “I think it’ll be more enjoyable and we won’t have to be greeting people the whole time essentially. It’s going to be nice I think just to have everybody…like for it to be a memory for everybody and not just like us. We want to really enjoy it.”

As the duo get nearer to tying the knot, the Alabama native detailed how excited they’re getting for the subsequent milestone of their relationship.

“We’re loving being engaged. We are excited to, like, start the next chapter whenever that is though. We are getting eager for it,” she added on Saturday.

Godwin, who not too long ago confirmed off her renovated residence with the California native, additionally gushed concerning the assist she continues to obtain from her fiancé.

“I’m trying to think how to put it in words but like I didn’t realize that like if you really truly care about somebody, it doesn’t feel like effort whenever you’re helping them out or supporting them,” she shared with Us.

For the twosome, being there for each other comes with ease as a result of they “love doing it for each other.”

“We just are each other’s No. 1 biggest fan and it’s really cool. It’s really cool,” the Bachelor Nation alum stated.

Godwin beforehand opened up about how transferring in with Barbour improved their relationship since their 2019 engagement.

“Although we have a good balance in our relationship, you never know what type of roommate someone will be until you actually live with them for a long period of time,” she famous to Us in July 2020. “Luckily, Dylan has been an awesome roommate and we really balance chores out well. We’re also good at giving each other personal space when we need it, too!”

With reporting by Diana Cooper

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