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Big Men Answers To Make Before Trade Deadline

The big men on the Celtics roster have always been the place where Danny Ainge could improve on. No disrespect to Daniel Theis and Tristan Thompson but to be an elite team, they need more. Thankfully, new big men have been shopped around the league as of late for teams to pick up. Whether it’s through trade or whatever the case is, the frontcourt issues need to be resolved for Boston. So here are the options of big men to grab before the all-star break.

Blake Griffin

Big men answers can be solved with Blake Griffin pickup.
Image Via The Ringer

While he may be past his prime, the former rookie of the year Blake Griffin can be a nice addition. The 6x all-star has been quietly playing in Detroit after his long tenure with the Clippers. And while injuries have held him back, Boston would be the perfect place for him to thrive. One thing the Celtics lack is a true power forward. One who can rebound, score, and block shots. For 8 years out of his career, he was averaging over 20 points a night. And his first year in the league he averaged a double-double. While the ‘Lob City’ days may be over, all he may have needed was help. Throw in some talented guards and you’ve got yourself a championship-level team.

Scoring Big Men In DeMarcus Cousins

If there was a Center in the league who can score consistently on a nightly basis, one of em would be Boogie. Recent news shows Houston and Cousins parting. Before a knee and achilles injury in two separate years, he was a force to be reckoned with. Despite having 4 all-star appearances, his career has gone unfairly under the radar. Mostly because of injuries or not having a good overall team.

For most of his career he averages a double double. And in the worst case, the Celtics just use him for boards. But if the Celtics are smart and want to have a guy who can drop 30 and 10 any given night, it’ll be with Cousins. This move would solve all the Celtics need for big men. A true center who can score anywhere on the court. He can knock down jumpers, handle the ball, and take up space in the paint. 

Andre Drummond 

Image Via The Ringer

This pickup maybe a little too late since the beginning of the season he’s been in trade rumors. After being what Drummond felt betrayed by the Pistons to be traded to Cleveland, he’s once again about to leave. And although he’s not the best option on this list, he’s still no scrub. The guy averages a double-double in his sleep and that’s without much help on his side. His above the rim shot-blocking may be behind him but that doesn’t mean his rebounding isn’t top tier. But with his lack of shooting and handle, he makes for a slightly upgraded Tristan Thompson. And that’s something that the Celtics already passed upon. 

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