Belichick Facing Criticism Is Wrong


Bill Belichick made the right decision to not accept the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He put out a nice statement and he obviously ran the risk of losing his locker room. However, some people in the media want to nitpick at his statement because of course, it’s not good enough. He doesn’t need to face any criticism for the statement. Let me say he obviously couldn’t go to the White House and accept the award after the riot at the Capitol last week. That shouldn’t have happened and every single person should be arrested. Anyone that burns down cities, tears down statues, loots business, starts fires to government buildings, churches, and starts a riot at the Capitol should be in jail for a long time.  

Belichick is facing criticism for his statement from people in the media. That shouldn't happen

No need for Criticism From The Media

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For the media to take Belichick’s statement and make him look like the bad guy is wrong. What did you want him to do? Go and lose his entire team and have nobody play for him? It would’ve been a massive PR hit had he gone not only for him but the organization. You didn’t need sources to figure that out it’s common sense. It wasn’t the right time or place to accept an award after what happened last week. Belichick would rather show off his Super Bowl rings probably anyway. However, doesn’t deserve the criticism from Pro Football Talk or other blue check marks on Twitter.

Belichick has too much pride in himself to set himself up like that. Why do we have to criticize him for it? He’s the best coach for the greatest organization in football who made the right decision not to accept the award publicly and not attend the White House.

All rioting doesn’t belong in this country and everyone knows it. Belichick isn’t stupid he knows what’s been going on lately in this Country. He can now go into the offseason building a football team to be competitive in 2021. They have a lot of work to do and he’s the best guy to rebuild it.