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Beauty Queen Abandoned At Airport As Newborn Baby Receives Shocking Letter From Birth Mom

In 1980, a couple of pilots found a newborn baby at the gate of a Nevada airport. The 10-day-old infant had been abandoned there, and the whole thing was a complete mystery.

Elizabeth Hunterton, now 41 years old, was quickly adopted by a loving family from Reno, Nevada. And in 2004, Elizabeth was crowned Miss Nevada. On the outside, it looked like the beauty queen’s life was perfectly put together.

But Elizabeth had spent much of her life wondering about the circumstances surrounding her abandonment. Where was she born? Who were her birth parents? Why was she left at the airport?

In 2018, Elizabeth was able to track down her biological father via DNA databases, but he had already died. She did, however, learn that he never even knew he had a daughter.

It was dead end after dead end. Elizabeth came to the conclusion that her biological mother must have also died. She planned to end her search for answers and move on with her life entirely.

Just as Elizabeth settled back to pandemic life at home with her family, she received news from the DNA database that ultimately led her to her birth mother … and she was still alive.

Elizabeth took a big chance and wrote her mother a lengthy handwritten letter, hoping she’d get the answers she was so desperately searching for.

She was surprised when she received an email in response. And she was even more surprised when she read what the email had to say …