Australian Laws on Online Sports Betting


Australian Laws on Online Sports Betting

Title: Online Sports Betting in Australia: Laws, Rules, and Regulations

Description: Australia is considered to be one of thetop destinations for bookmakers and players. Itsgrowing online betting industry is well-known. However, to what extent is it legal to place a wager inAustralia?

Australia is one of the leading countries in the globe whenit comes to betting. Events such as the Melbourne Cupdraw bets on most adults and every year Australiansspend trillions of dollars on slots. It is prohibited inAustralia to offer internet gambling services despite thepopularity of gambling activities. Fortunately, online sportsbetting is excluded from the prohibition for sports bettingapp and betting websites fans, subject to licenses ofoperators issued by the Government of Australia. However, keep in mind that bookmaker sign up bonus andfree bet sign up options are rather often illegal as it isconsidered to be advertising, which is banned under theAustralian laws and regulations.

Online gambling regulations are straightforward from theperspective of the player in Australia. It may first seemthat one’s ability to place online bets is not regulated. There is nothing in the criminal code about simple play, poker, or sports betting.

The main concern for Australian players is to locate a safeenvironment to play in. Dozens of websites take depositsfrom Australian players, but it is always recommended thatyou do a little research and stay with the industry’s largestnames. Here are some of the laws and regulations to beaware of. 

Online Gambling Law in Australia: Bookmakers

In a more complicated legal framework, operators arepresent (those who run gaming sites). In 2001, Australiaadopted the Interactive Gambling Act (IGA), whichcontained a comprehensive list of operator regulations inthe country. It may all be quite complicated since, in someinstances, there are many regulations and exceptions tothese norms.

The IGA prohibited local and offshore internet operatorsfrom offering Australians the most types of gaming. Sportsand racing betting are the largest exceptions and arepermitted until all bets are closed before any event or racebegins. Many of Australia’s leading operators arespecialized in online sports betting services. 

Nevertheless, Australia-based sites can provide non-Australians worldwide with more gaming opportunities. However (again), there is a list of nations to which no suchlaw is introduced to prevent Australians from utilizing theirservices and which cannot be advertised.

Australian residents are not responsible for complying withIGA laws and regulations. It is the exclusive duty ofbookmakers to guarantee that Australians do not haveaccess to any other possibly illegal forms of sports betting. This implies that if you’re not an Australian gambling sitemanager, you don’t have to get stuck with all the legalfeatures described above. Nonetheless, still, it is importantto choose a credible and trustworthy betting site or anapplication to place your wager on.

In-Play Betting Rules in Australia

InPlay betting is a kind of sports betting, where, during anevent, you may put short-term bets. An example of an in-play bet would be to watch a rugby game on live TV andto put in a few short-term bets as the game starts.

The IGA does not accept such bets on online sportsbooksheadquartered in Australia but on any offshoresportsbook, you may always adjust your bets. Sitesoverseas do not comply with IGA’s rules and giveAustralian clients a choice of options.

In short, the IGA restricts the promotion of its services toAustralian nationals by Australian operators but doesnothing to stop Australian people from depositing realmoney wagered in international locations lawfully.


Putting these all together, although online gambling isillegal in Australia, online sports betting is an exemptionconsidering the long history of sports betting which findsits roots in horseracing. Hence, if you are at least 18 yearsold and placing a wager on a licensed and legalbookmaker on sports, then it is legal.