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As Biden Bridges Outside Afghanistan, How Much Do Americans Care?

When the United States went to war there in 2001, the American public almost unanimously agreed with President George W. Bush’s decision. November, still shaken by the September 11, 9 attacks, 10 Americans said they thought sending troops to Afghanistan was the right thing to do, according to one Gallup poll.

Over the past 20 years, public views on the United States presence in Afghanistan have changed, but they have not flipped completely. Percentages of Americans say it was a mistake in the 2000s to send troops to Afghanistan, but in the mid-40s, where it stayed in 2019, Gallup asked the question for the last time.

The nation’s sentiments about the Iraq War differ significantly: By 2007, 62 percent of Americans said sending troops was a mistake, according to Gallup. Since then the number has not decreased by 50 percent. Likewise, by the mid-1970s, American troops started heading home from Vietnam, six out of 10 were Americans. Gallup Pollutants are telling That war was not meaningful there.

There was no such public meeting around Afghanistan. Soon after President Donald Trump announced that he would repatriate most of the US troops stationed there in 2019, A. NBC News / Wall Street Journal Poll Found that one in three Americans thought that there should be a “rapid and systematic withdrawal of all troops from Afghanistan into the United States.” Twenty-eight percent opposed it.

Still, there is relatively little saliva for voters on the issue, as US casualties remain low and the war has attracted attention in the American press – even as political instability in Afghanistan only intensifies in recent years. Has become serious.