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Arisa of Challenge responded to TJ Lovin’s criticism after quitting

His standing on the ground! Arisa Hill Chose to leave Challenge: All Stars During Thursday, April 22, after the episode, the cast blinded her by voting at the arena.

Instead of going up Beth Stolzowski, She chose to face the group and express her feelings. “The way you all pulled ST, it was something fragrant, snake-ass ST. When I respect the way I play this game, what I don’t respect is how you are living, which is a very good mother – King dishonest, “King real world 41, the vet, said during the episode. “The reality is that when I won, there is no f king way that I can come back and y’all motherf- kers under the same roof.”

Arisa and TJ Lovin. Paramount + / MTV

After exiting the arena, the host TJ Lovin Asked, “You’re just leaving?” When he did not turn, he tore his horn and shouted, “Okay, don’t care.” Hope you never see. “

Although Arisa has no ill behavior towards 44-year-old Lovin, and she fully understands that she doesn’t like it, she said she doesn’t know what happens inside the house.

“TJ doesn’t know what I was doing other than that,” she explained Us weekly In a special way. “So, you know, that could be an opinion from the sidelines. I’ve been loud and wrong too.”

As for the audience – nor TJ – noticed, Arisa has a gluten allergy, which really affected her ability to compete.

“I was not given the same type of fuel and food and lost a fair amount of weight,” she explained America. “There was something wrong with the things that were being made at home. I came home to try to make myself breakfast and found out that my gluten-free diet was eaten because someone was drunk and just came and ate only the food that I had. “

Additionally, she was blinded by many people. She thought she could believe it, especially since Mark long Told her “many times” that she was safe and she later found out Alton williams, Which was on its original season the real world, Also mentioned his name.

Arisa Hill on Challenge All Stars Paramount +

Still, she has no regrets – and enjoyed her time on the show.

“I know it looks like I didn’t have a good time – a lot of what you see in me, I’m screaming! I was in pain and itching and discomfort. There are so many variables,” she told America. “But ultimately, I had a really good time. I will not take away from him. I got exactly what I wanted from him, which was an adventure. I wanted to test myself. I wanted to test where I was at this point in my life. Personally there are still some things I could work on, but it has more to do with my health. This time, I was fearless. “

49-year-old Mark also said “Watch with Us” Podcast Asking 52-year-old Beth that she “wasn’t on her radar”, Arisa asked who she wanted to go against – and she never mentioned Arisa’s name.

Darrell Taylor, Who first revealed her vote, publicly asked Beth who she wanted to protest against during the episode. When he called Arisa, he said that Arisa’s name kills a domino effect.

After the episode, rules of the road Veterinarian, 41, told America He was not thrilled at the fact that he left the house.

“If someone else can come, like, Casey cooper Maybe, ”he told America. “It’s like you waste the chance of other people being there, which is not good at all. … She left because she was afraid. She was afraid of being beaten. “

New episodes of The Challenge: All-Stars Drop to Paramount + on Thursday.

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