Are Hillary Clinton & Kamala Harris Plotting Behind Joe Biden’s Back?


The American people know there is little chance Joe Biden makes it through 2024.

Let’s look at the facts.

Clinton has recently expressed a desire to run for president again.

New York Post columnist Miranda Devine believes that Clinton is desperate to run in 2024.

Fox News reported on that:

Miranda Devine said Thursday that Hillary Clinton is begging Democrats to consider her again with her “masterclass in self-pity and delusion” after she tearfully read what was her would-be victory speech if Donald Trump hadn’t defeated her in the 2016 presidential election.

Hillary definitely appears to be making a power play.

Kamala Harris has sought the counsel of twice-failed presidential aspirant Hillary Clinton on the best way to reverse diving approval ratings while at the same navigating the travails of public life, according to a report Thursday.

The vice president has also concluded she would get better treatment in the media if she were white and male like all of her predecessors, telling her allies her current travails are manifestly unfair, according to the piece in the New York Times.

For guidance she has sought out Clinton, who lost the 2016 election to Donald Trump, and famously once complained about a “right wing conspiracy” against her.

Harris “has turned to powerful confidantes, including Clinton, to help plot a path forward,” the Times reported. She hosted Clinton in her West Wing office in November, the paper further outlined.

Clinton may be posturing to replace Biden because Harris simply wasn’t ready for the job.

The dots are just waiting to be connected.