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Apple showcases new devices and sets a release date for the disputed iPhone software.

Apple on Tuesday unveiled a range of new products, showing how it centers its marketing pitch around consumer privacy, at the potential expense of other companies, while musking in new markets is led by much smaller competitors is done.

Apple showed a new high-end iPad and iMac desktop computer based on the new computer processor that Apple now builds itself. Apple said it was redesigning its podcast app to charge podcast creators for their shows. And it released a new device called Airtags, a $ 29 disk that attaches to a key ring or wallet to help them find it.

Apple also wrote some more news on Tuesday, not to mention the jovial, hour-day violation. The company said in a subsequent news release that it planned to release its much-awaited iPhone software next week that would come with a privacy feature that concerns many digital-advertising companies, most notably Facebook.

This feature will require apps to get explicit permission to users before tracking other applications. As a result, while opening several apps next week, owners of iPhones will be greeted with pop-up windows that ask them whether to allow the app to track them. Companies are expected to gather less data about users as people reduce tracking.