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Apple says that Parler can return to iPhones after making some changes to the app.

Parler, a social network popular with preservatives, is making its comeback.

The app was released on iPhones, Android devices, and even the Internet in January, with tech companies stating that parlors did not effectively polish content on the network at the time of the January 6 Capitol Rebellion.

But on Monday, Apple said in a letter to two federal lawmakers that it had approved Parler’s return to iPhones because the app agreed to patrol more aggressively, according to a copy of a letter obtained by the Times What its users post.

An Apple lobbyist said in the letter that the iPhone maker removed Parler from the App Store in January because it was not taking “posts” that encouraged violence, denigrating various ethnic groups, races and religions, Nazism Glorified, and called specific people against violence. “

Since then, Apple employees have “engaged in substantial interactions with Parler in an effort to bring the Parler app into compliance.” Last week, Apple told the parlor that it was welcome by agreeing to make changes to the app. He said that when it submits its new app, the parlor will return to the App Store.

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