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An Extraordinary Winning Streak for Religion at the Supreme Court

In the 5 years via the finish of 2020, he wrote, federal judges’ partisan affiliations had change into powerfully correlated to their votes. “And when the pandemic struck, resulting in widespread lockdowns of religious houses of worship,” he wrote, “the unprecedented number of constitutional free exercise cases brought in such a condensed span of time forced that partisanship into sharp relief.”

Even placing apart circumstances regarding the pandemic, an enormous partisan hole has opened in free train circumstances. Judges appointed by Democrats sided with faith 10 % of the time in such circumstances in the final 5 years, in contrast with 49 % for ones appointed by Republicans and 72 % for ones named by President Donald J. Trump.

The numbers had been even starker, Mr. Rothschild wrote, in circumstances regarding restrictions meant to fight Covid-19. Through the finish of final year, not a single decide appointed by Democrats sided with faith in these circumstances, whereas 66 % of judges appointed by Republicans and 82 % of judges appointed by Mr. Trump did.

What modified in simply the final 5 years? It might be no coincidence that the courtroom established a constitutional proper to same-sex marriage in 2015.

More usually, claims of spiritual freedom, introduced largely by Christian teams, have more and more been used to attempt to restrict progressive measures like the safety of transgender rights and entry to contraception. On prime of that, a tradition struggle erupted about how finest to handle the coronavirus.

In 2018, Justice Elena Kagan accused the courtroom’s conservative majority of “weaponizing the First Amendment,” of utilizing its safety of free expression “to intervene in economic and regulatory policy.”

Professor Epstein stated one thing comparable was afoot in the courtroom’s faith selections. “Just as the majority has weaponized free speech in service of business and conservative interests,” she stated, “it’s using the religion clauses to privilege mostly mainstream religious organizations.”

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