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Across States, a Checkerboard of Gun Laws Reflects Partisan Tilt

The reverse dynamic is at play in different state legislatures. In Virginia, Democrats, starting with Terry McAuliffe’s 2013 run for governor, campaigned on enacting background checks and banning assault weapons. When the social gathering lastly gained legislative majorities after the 2019 election, Gov. Ralph Northam signed into legislation expanded background checks and a so-called red-flag legislation that enables legislation enforcement officers to acquire a court docket order to stop somebody in disaster from acquiring a gun. Mr. Northam additionally authorised a provision that enables native governments to enact extra gun restrictions.

But Virginia’s Democratic lawmakers did not ban assault weapons or curtail the sale of high-capacity magazines — the type of restrictions that will restrict the provision of military-style weapons utilized in many of the nation’s worst mass shootings.

“We have worked at the margins of gun violence prevention in important ways that do work, but we have real opportunities to promote responsible gun ownership and lots of work left to do,” stated Dan Helmer, a Democrat within the Virginia House of Delegates who in 2019 ousted a pro-gun Republican. “State laws alone will not do it.”

Colorado, which has a historical past of mass shootings, together with the 1999 Columbine High School bloodbath, in 2013 enacted background checks and coaching necessities for gun purchases; the state additionally banned gross sales of magazines that maintain greater than 15 rounds.

Rhonda Fields, a state senator whose son was shot to demise in 2005, led the state’s gun management push eight years in the past. Ms. Fields stated in an interview Tuesday that whereas Colorado’s legal guidelines had diminished gun violence, the answer to mass shootings was bigger than a patchwork of background checks and different laws.

“We’re still experiencing gun violence, we’re still seeing it happen,” she stated. “We all have to play a role in gun safety reform; if we know that someone has expressed an interest in suicide and homicide, we need to get them the support they need.”