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ACLU and 70 other organizations ask DHS to stop using Clearview AI

More than 70 advocacy groups have called on the Department of Homeland Security to stop using Clearview AI’s facial recognition software. In A letter Addressing DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and Susan Rice, directors of the White House Domestic Policy Council, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, OpenMedia and other organizations argue that “clear AI not used for federal immigration officials” Has been done.” Adequate oversight or transparency. “

Letter indicates recent Buzzfeed News Information has been received about employees of 1,803 government bodies, including police departments and public schools, who are using the software without knowing about many of their bosses. The company has given free trials to individual employees in organizations that are hoping to advocate for their agency to sign it. In addition to the lack of oversight, the letter pointed to issues such as racial bias in facial recognition software and clarified the fact that scraping websites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube built its database. This is something that got startups in legal trouble with those companies.

“We request that the Biden administration refrain from providing any new contracts to Clearview AI, and that any and current or future use of the platform by federal agencies should be immediately suspended, regardless of the existence of a contract with the company. Despite, “say in the alliance letter. “The continued violation of the civil rights and privacy rights of Clear Air India provides sufficient reason to discontinue its use.”

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