A Texas apartment building burned while firefighters scrambled for water.


About 130 individuals lost their houses.

“The firefighters were hitting the fire the best they could, but they were running out of water,” stated Steve Henshaw, 48, who lived within the building along with his spouse and stated that they had not had water since Monday.

Mike Brinkmann, the vp for distribution and collections with the San Antonio Water System, stated an prolonged energy outage, mixed with frigid temperatures, meant the utility was unable to pump water to a storage tank that feeds the apartment advanced.

Under regular energy outages, which might linger for a day or two, the tank holds sufficient water to final till the facility returns, however this week’s abnormally lengthy outage emptied the tank. Mr. Brinkmann additionally stated any water left within the apartment sprinkler system was in all probability frozen due to inadequate insulation on the pipes.

Residents stated they smelled one thing burning shortly after midday on Thursday. As firefighters arrived, a witness stated they found that the heating aspect inside a water heater was firing with out water within the system.

About two hours later, the apartment administration company despatched a textual content message asking residents to show off the breakers to their water heaters. Soon after the e-mail was despatched, firefighters found smoke rising between a tub and a wall.


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