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A look at school zone safety, parent concerns before return to campus for some CCSD students

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — The Clark County School District return to school countdown continues for students Pre-Okay by third grade. While some dad and mom are for it, others won’t be sending their youngsters again into lecture rooms.

8 News Now took a look at school zone security and parent concerns.

“It is important that, as we return to school, we make sure that the school zones are safe,” stated Andrew Bennett with the Nevada Department of Public Safety.

Some CCSD students might be returning to in-person courses March 1, and never solely is security vital in school, however exterior of school, too.

“Before we went online, we had 41 children hit, either on their way to school or on their way home,” Bennett shared.

He reminded drivers of three guidelines close to faculties.

“No. 1 is that if there are children in the school zone, if the lights are on, or 30 minutes before or after school, that indicates that it is an active school zone,” Bennett defined. “There are no U-turns in school zones, and finally, the speed limit is determined by the slowest car in the school zone. It’s illegal to pass another vehicle in the school zone.”

Expect to see police wanting for speeders, in addition to pedestrian security enforcements, within the coming weeks.

“My kids have struggled mentally, and I feel like we have a pretty good home life,” stated parent Brittany Peterson.

She is aware of it’s vital for her youngsters to return.

“I do struggle with mental illness, and with this, I feel like it’s creating a trajectory of mental illness in children,” Peterson stated.

John Emmons has three kids: one in Pre-Okay, one other in first and a sixth-grader.

“Our concern right now is that the schools have a lot of challenges before them, and then there’s a lot of people in the world that aren’t taking this seriously,” stated Emmons. “Everybody is going to do what they feel right doing, just be cautious.”

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