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President Joe Biden will withdraw all US troops from Afghanistan on September 11, the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks from the US that coordinated with that country, several US officials said on Tuesday.

The decision sets a deadline for full withdrawal on May 1 under a peace deal the Trump administration reached with the Taliban last year, but leaves no room for additional extensions. A senior administration official has called the date of September an absolute deadline that will not be affected by the security conditions in the country.

While Biden’s decision puts American troops in Afghanistan four months longer than initially planned, it sets a firm end to the two decades of the war that killed more than 2,200 American soldiers, killing 20,000 Wounded, and cost $ 1 trillion.

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The Texas Senate on Tuesday passed a constitutional amendment that would rule largely in the governor’s power during emergencies such as last year’s coronavirus epidemic.

Senate action, which still needs to be approved by the House, would require the governor to call a special session to declare a state emergency that lasts more than 30 days. The special session will give MPs a chance to abolish or accommodate executive actions taken by the governor or to pass new laws relating to disaster or emergency.

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Hours after the cancellation of its emergency protection notice issued on Tuesday, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas on Wednesday issued another advisory of a possible shortage of reserve power.


Late Tuesday, the agency sent the following message to retail electricity providers and the Texas Public Utility Commission:

“Capacity Insufficiency: ERCOT is issuing an OCN for projected reserve capacity shortages for hours ending at 13:00 through 20:00. ERCOT is requesting all QSEs to update their COP. “

ERCOT is not yet asking people and businesses to conserve electricity, but the message is an indication that such a request could be made again in Texas on Wednesday.

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A Sprouts store manager is recovering after being shot during a robbery in the spring, deputies said.

Harris County Precute 4 constable deputies responded to reports of a raging robbery on Sunday, April 11, at Sprouts, located at 20707 Kuykendahl Road.


Shortly after entering the store, the two suspects ordered the store clerk to open the register and the two individuals began stealing money.

Deputies said the manager attempted to intervene, but one of the suspects shot him and then they fled on foot.

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According to Harris County Pct, a woman is facing charges after leaving her three children – under the age of 10 – at a motel she went to eat with a friend. 4 Constable Mark Harman.

Harman said his office received a call from a 2-year-old man who was found wandering alone near the feeder in the 16112 block of the Northwest Freeway.

Authorities said they were able to provide protection to the child and began trying to locate the toddler’s family. After some searching, the constable’s duty stated that he found an open door at a nearby Super 8 motel where two other children aged 8 and 3 were sleeping.


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