4 essential tips for new parents from a doctor and mom


If you’re anticipating a child otherwise you’re a new mum or dad, prepare for an thrilling chapter of your life.

PHOENIX — If you’re anticipating a child otherwise you’re a new mum or dad, prepare for an thrilling chapter of your life. 

However, bringing a child into the world has its challenges as effectively.

It’s arduous to know what they’re considering or feeling, and typically it’s like a guessing sport. 

Dr. Maureen O’Brien is a developmental psychologist and founding father of Destination Parenting.

“Parents focus so much on having the baby and then they don’t think about what happens when the baby actually arrives,” mentioned Dr. O’Brien.  

This mom of dual boys is used to giving tons of professional recommendation on parenting.  

She suggests parents take parenting lessons to study what your child can and can’t do.

Here are her 4 secrets and techniques that would assist you change into a higher mum or dad:

  1. Babies should not born to see like adults.  

    “Babies are not able to see subtle colors. They’re only able to see very sharp contours at first and then color vision happens over the course of the first few months of life,” mentioned O’Brien.  So she suggests exposing your child to toys which have daring colours like pink, orange, and inexperienced.

  1. Keep it noisy whereas infants are sleeping, regardless that most parents attempt to maintain it quiet.

    “In the womb there’s lots of noises from the mother’s body, so they’re used to a constant stream of noise. and so when they’re first born it’s fine to have all kinds of noise and they’ll sleep through all kinds of noise. What you don’t want is startling kinds of noises,” mentioned O’Brien.

  1. Don’t include your child.

    “What parents often don’t know is that babies learn about the world by moving through it. By touching it, by rolling over and feeling things. And so by containing a baby in a bumbo or some kind of a place that doesn’t allow them that freedom of movement we’re actually depriving them of the understanding of what it feels like to move in the world and of course that’s ultimately what they need to learn how to do.”

  1. Babies are born able to study any language as a result of they will hear voices from the womb.

    (*4*) mentioned O’Brien.  So she suggests going forward and begin instructing them one other language straight away, it’s by no means too quickly.

Bottom line, O’Brien’s recommendation to any mum or dad, “There’s no such factor as good parenting.”

“And that good enough is how you should think every day. That we will make mistakes, babies will forgive us, our little children love us no matter what we do and every day you wake up and essentially you’re starting over. So forgive yourself and don’t be so hard on yourself as a parent.”