20 Years Ago Drew Bledsoe Lost His Job To Tom Brady


20 Years Ago Drew Bledsoe Lost His Job To Tom Brady

Thursday marks 20 years to the day Patriots quarterback got knocked out by New York Jet defensive back Mo Lewis. It would be the day then-rookie quarterback Tom Brady would enter the game for the first time. What happened after that is what nobody thought at the time. Drew Bledsoe wouldn’t see the field until the 2001 AFC Championship game against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Tom Brady would go on to be the quarterback for Super Bowl XXXVI. Then also win five more after that. That hit on Bledsoe 20 years ago changed the Patriots forever, little did we know at the time.

September 23, 2001

Drew Bledsoe is hit by the NY Jets Mo Lewis and is eventually replaced after 1 more series by unproven Tom Brady

Drew would never get his job back.

Brady and the Patriots would go on to win 6 Super Bowls in an unprecedented run of excellence pic.twitter.com/MA4J4dOOss

— Boston Sports Info (@bostonsportsinf) September 23, 2020

When we look back to that place and time Brady and Belichick got along great. Brady was a sixth-round pick out of Michigan who at the time nobody thought he would end up being the greatest of all time.  Belichick could control Brady because Brady was a no-name rookie who hadn’t earned his place yet. Until he started winning which in all helped Belichick as well. However, Belichick always treated every player the same regardless of position. That didn’t sit well with Brady or even some Patriots fans. He brought winning, championships, parades to this city. And 20 years later won a Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, while Belichick went 7-9 and missed the playoffs in 2020.

The ego of both Brady and Belichick got in the way and Belichick thought Brady at 42 wasn’t good anymore and showed him the door. Brady would’ve stayed if he felt appreciated, but that added more fuel and went somewhere that appreciated all he’s accomplished. All Belichick had to do was give him the 2 years $50 million deal with players to throw too and he’d still be here.

As we look towards the week four matchup between the Buccaneers and Patriots this is really between Brady and Belichick. Nobody thought 20 years ago after the Bledsoe hit these two would be at each other’s throats all these years later. But here we are.

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