2-year-old boy with spina bifida now running after taking inspiring first steps


Just a little boy from Kansas, born with a uncommon situation, has change into an inspiration around the globe. A video, now seen by thousands and thousands, captured the moments 2-year-old Roman Dinkel defied the percentages and walked for the first time.

Roman has spina bifida, a beginning defect that stops the spinal twine from forming correctly. He additionally had hydrocephalus, additional fluid across the brain. He had two surgical procedures on his brain earlier than his first birthday, and one on his backbone earlier than he was even born.

Every case is completely different, however spina bifida impacts each a part of life.

Whitney, Roman and Adam Dinkel sit down with Jeff Glor.

CBS News

Since CBS News first spoke to his dad and mom, Whitney and Adam Dinkel, Roman isn’t just strolling, however running. He additionally simply obtained to go to Disney. But for Whitney and Adam Dinkel, who even have two older kids, the breakthroughs are surrounded by fixed questions. 

“When he gets a headache or something, we have to take that seriously. We can’t just be like ‘Oh, you’re fine,’” Whitney mentioned.

“As parents we have to continue to check the boxes and be like ‘Is this a normal kid thing? Or is this a hydrocephalus thing? Or is this a spina bifida thing,’” Adam mentioned.

Whitney mentioned with spina bifida, you are by no means totally “out of the woods.”

“You just kind of learn to live in the woods,” she added.

Their Facebook page lets individuals around the globe study extra about spina bifida, as they share Roman’s journey and his message.

“He just shows what love should look like. For any human being, this is what the world should look like,” Adam mentioned.

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Roman Dinkel with Jeff Glor.

CBS News

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