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2 twin games postponed to COVID protocol

Minnesota twinsGame against ‘ Los angeles angels Saturday night and Sunday postponement due to Minnesota COVID-19 Problems including at least four positive tests in the past week.

Manager Rocco Baldelli said that Kyle Garlick, another unnamed Twins player and a member of the team staff, tested positive over two days. Shortstop Andrelton Simmons had not traveled to Anaheim after testing positive earlier in the week, and he had not been around the team since Tuesday.

“There is not a single person in our group who is not disappointed,” Baldelli said. “Does everyone have general frustration to deal with it only in a serious sense? Absolutely and then there are probably people who are frustrated about that particular aspects.”

A league statement said Saturday’s game was “postponed to allow for continued testing and contact tracing to involve members of the Twins organization”.

The twins are being tested more this weekend in Anaheim, and they are unsure when they will be allowed to play again. He has not tested more than one more positive on Saturday, but Baldelli knows falsely to be expected.

“It’s a difficult time, and we all know the deadline on these things,” Baldelli said. “If someone was exposed, (the results) are not necessarily immediate. We are about to return to the hotel and we are going to wait for all instructions.”

Garlick played when Minnesota lost 10–3 to the Angels on Friday night. Minnesota’s next scheduled game is in Oakland on Monday night.

According to Baldelli, some Twins personnel isolated themselves at the team hotel on Friday, who said that he was a positive man himself on Thursday morning.

Baldelli said some infected twins “had very minor symptoms … just mild fatigue, headaches, sore throat”.

“Things are not going to be easy because of this,” Baldelli said. “We’re going to put a great deal of challenges through everything, and we’re going to go for it and we’re going to give it our best effort. None of it has gone. Planning. This unfortunate reality. Is in which we live, but we are going forward. We are going to attack it and do the best we can. “

The twins made an organization-wide push for vaccination when they returned from spring training in Florida about three weeks ago. Simmons was not involved in that push, Who refused to be vaccinated.

Baldelli said the team was “close to where we wanted to be, but not in relation to getting most of our staff vaccinated”. He believes that about 80% of the team has received two doses of the vaccine, but many employees have not been pushed out of the two-week window, believed to be fully vaccinated after the second dose.

Last year, 45 regular-season games were postponed for virus-related reasons, but only two were made between St. Louis and Detroit.

The twins are not scheduled to visit Angel Stadium again this season, and the Angels visit Minnesota for four games on July 22-25.

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