100-year-old pepper trees back on the chopping block


The City of San Diego says three trees have “Defects and Decay” and have to be eliminated. Residents say they plan to protest till the metropolis takes a more in-depth look.

SAN DIEGO — Since final Friday, a bunch of involved neighbors have been sitting in protest underneath the shade of one-hundred-year-old pepper trees. 

The City of San Diego says three trees on Marlborough Drive in Kensington have “Defects and Decay” and have been slated for elimination. So those that care about the pepper trees in the neighborhood have made positive that the metropolis cannot lower them down.

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“They’re just as much a part of this neighborhood as any of these old houses are,” said longtime Kensington resident Maggie McCann. “You should not just walk up to a 110-year-old historic resource and whack it because it’s inconvenient.”

The trees have been recognized by the metropolis final year for elimination, however McCann disagreed and employed her personal impartial arborist. He returned on Friday to examine the trees once more. 

“The ratio between the trunk and branches is very important,” stated licensed arborist and former campus forester for UC San Diego Sam Oludunfe. “After my assessment I recommended that this tree be cut down immediately.”

In his report from final year, Oludunfe concluded that solely certainly one of three pepper trees wanted to be eliminated, including there wasn’t sufficient proof that the different two wanted to be lower down.

“My first reaction is to look closely at a tree, with a view of keeping it for as long as I can,” he stated. “I always say that chopping off one’s head is not the proper cure for a headache.”

Though there have been no tree vans or no parking indicators Friday, a consultant for the metropolis says they’re nonetheless in dialog for the way they’re going to maneuver ahead. But McCann and the dozen or so protesters say they are going to be on the market on a regular basis, till the metropolis takes a more in-depth take a look at the outdated trees.

“We’ll be here everyday until this matter is resolved,” stated McCann “I mean, we live here. What else are we going to do? It’s a pandemic, we have nowhere to go!”

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